Consultation & Patch Test for Plexr

Consultation & Patch Test for Plexr

Thank you for your interest in having your treatment with the Dr Tatiana Aesthetic Clinic. We feel it is important that our clients have a good understanding of their treatment, what it involves and what the potential risks are, before going ahead. So we would like to welcome you for a complimentary consultation prior to deciding on your treatment. All new patients are encouraged to come for an initial consultation with Dr Tatiana prior to booking their first treatment.

About Plexr:

Plexr offers a broad range of significant skin benefits. It can be used to treat:

loose skin e.g. upper and lower eyelids
wrinkles e.g. crow’s feet
scars e.g. acne scars
warts, verrucas and skin tags
As with most skin therapies, lasers sit well alongside a constructive home skincare regime and best results are often seen after 2-3 sessions.

How does Plexr work?

Plexr is a technology that removes excess skin by a process called sublimation. Plexr creates a plasma arc which ‘zaps’ away excess skin.

Our aim: To improve aspects of your physical appearance so that you may have better confidence, self-esteem and hence a better quality of life.


The best results from Plexr are usually achieved when the skin is well prepared for the treatment. It is important to ensure that the skin has not been excessively damaged or inflamed in the time leading up to the treatment. We ask you to ensure that you have:

Not used retinol or tretinoin in the last 7 days
Not tanned (holiday, sunbed or fake-tan) in the last 6 weeks
Not used oral vitamin A e.g. Roaccutane in the last 6 months
You are Not pregnant, breastfeeding or currently trying for a pregnancy
The area is Not currently infected
What to expect:

We want to make this treatment a pleasant and easy experience for you. During the treatment, we will cleanse and prepare the skin. The skin will be numbed using a cream or injection anaesthetic. You may feel some heat on the skin during the treatment. After the treatment you may have some redness, swelling, crusting of the skin. Your skin may feel a little sensitive, like a sunburn. Over the next few days, you are likely to have worsening swelling, crusting of the skin and some itching. The crusts will come off naturally, please don’t pick at them. The pink flush of the skin may last for 8-12 weeks after treatment.

Possible Complications:

Although Plexr has been used effectively and safely for many years, there are some potential side-effects and complications that you should be aware of before deciding to go ahead with this treatment. They include (but may not be limited to):

Injury to the eye
Pigmentation problems
Infection or spread of Infection
Pitting of the skin


There are certain circumstances when Plexr treatment would not be safe. These include:

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or currently trying for a pregnancy
If you are allergic to anaesthetic cream
If there is infection or inflammation within the treatment area
If you have a permanent pacemaker or implanted cardiac defibrillator
If you have a transmissible infection
It is not advised to do this treatment if you have a tan
It is not advised to do this treatment if you are Fitzpatrick skin type IV – VI.

Caring well for your skin helps to optimize the results, but also to reduce the risk of complications such as infection and pigmentation problems. The two most important factors are:

Avoiding UV exposure: UV exposure increases your risk of developing complications after Plexr treatment. It is very important to minimize your exposure to any UV light such as sunbeds, beach holidays, being out in direct sunlight for at least 6 weeks after treatment. You must also use a broad spectrum sunblock of factor 30 or more and reapply every 2 hours during the day.
Using aftercare cream provided to me to keep the area clean, protected, soothed and hydrated.
Your therapist will advise you if there are any additional precautions we would like you to take e.g. antibiotic cream, eye drops, Skinade drinks etc.

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