January News – Be Valentine’s Ready With Dr Tatiana

Hello everyone! We hope your 2018 is getting off to a good start… Now, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you are ‘all loved up’ or ‘single and ready to mingle’, there’s nothing that says Valentines more than beautifully hydrated and plump lips. Our lips are at their fullest in our 20s, which is why we associate a plump and well-defined mouth with youthfulness. But the composition of our lips and surrounding structures alters as part of the natural ageing process. The Dr Tatiana Lip enhancement treatments use a unique hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which are specifically developed to attract and retain moisture to smooth dry, dehydrated lips…. For a softer, smoother, plumper, and more hydrated pout!


Here are just a few before and after’s of our exquisite lip transformations….

Results: Immediate

Note: Individual results may vary
Phone to book: 07718 219 145
Email: info@drtatiana.co.uk
Website: www.drtatiana.co.uk
Results: immediate

Lasts: 9-12 months
Recovery: none


Laser Rejuvenation – 50% Laser Treatment Offer 



THIS MONTH ONLY we are offering an amazing 50% off all of Dr Tatiana’s VBeam laser treatments! The V-beam is a non-ablative laser treatment that produces an intense but gentle burst of light that selectively destroys the blood vessels of your vascular lesion(s), without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. It is excellent for treating acne, rosacea and thread veins and can also help treat pigmentation. Patients will feel a warm sensation as the laser is passed over the skin, but there is no need for anaesthetic. The treatment is very quick and the machine simultaneously releases cool air during the procedure.

Phone to book: 07718 219 145 Use code REDFEB18 until end of Feb 2018. Subject to assessment by clinician and patch test 1 week prior to treatment. Only for treatments carried out on Feb.

NEW ZO Ordering Service


Don’t forget about our new ZO product ordering service! If you are already using ZO products, you can now re-order your products through an email order form. Orders will be sent out weekly (on a Thursday) and the cost of P&P is £7.50. Anyone wishing to use ZO skincare that hasn’t before will need to come in for an initial consultation.

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