Plexr – The Game Changer

When I left surgery to start my non-surgical aesthetic practice, I was resigned to the fact that there would be some treatments, such as face-lifts and eyelid surgery, that I wouldn’t be able to offer my clients.

Well this changed when Plexr Soft Surgery took the industry by storm.

Plexr is a patented new technology that has truly changed the face of non-surgical aesthetics.

Plexr removes excess skin by creating tiny plasma burns that remove excess tissue and tighten the skin that is left.

Plexr is unique in it’s application: it can be used across the face, neck and body to tighten sagging skin. It can remove tattoos and get rid of stubborn stretch marks and scars. When compared to lasers and IPL – I’ve never seen technology that gives such consistently excellent results.

Plexr also has a unique safety profile: specialist Eye Surgeons use Plexr on the inner rim of the eyelid to remove moles and warts, that’s how safe it is !

Some facial surgeons even use Plexr as an adjunct to their surgical treatments – to correct asymmetry as a result of surgery.

So, I’m sure you can imagine why I’m so pleased to be able to finally offer my clients an alternative to going under the knife… ‘soft’ surgery with Plexr.

Please contact us now for more information or to book an appointment with Dr Tatiana Lapa.

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