Acne Programme

Package price £1200 60 minutes

Dr Tatiana’s signature acne treatment programme to stop new acne forming and treating the consequences of acne like pigmentation, scarring and dullness.

A £50 deposit is required to make your initial booking, which will be deducted from your treatment total.


Dr Tatiana’s Acne Treatment Programme is a 12-week treatment programme targeting problematic acne. This includes:

  • Skin analysis appointment & Treatment programme
  • 12 weeks of intense home-treatment with the ‘Home Dermatologist’ package
  • Session 1: Clarifying peel to accelerate Home Treatment results
  • Session 2: ZO 3-Step Chemical peel – a deep resurfacing peel
  • Session 3: Vitamin Microneedling to smooth scars and renew the skin surface.
Treatment Overview:

The Acne Treatment Programme offers and intense treatment regime to proactively tackle acne and stop new acne lesions forming. Acne results from the build-up of sebum, blockage of pores, inflammation and infection. Dr Tatiana’s Acne Programme aims to restore the healthy function of sebaceous glands, better skin renewal and reduced inflammation, pigmentation and scarring of the skin.


The programme includes a consultation appointment, a tailored ‘Home Dermatologist’ package to give you Dermatolgist-strength home care, and 3 treatment sessions to boost skin regeneration. These sessions allow the doctor to keep a close eye on your progress and offer targeted treatments at the start of every new skin cycle (each skin cycle is 6 weeks). Each appointment is approximately 1 hour. Peel treatments involve moderate peeling for 5-7 days after treatment. Micro needling treatments involve some redness and sensitivity of the skin for 2-3 days after treatment.

Pain Relief

We use numbing cream to reduce skin sensitivity.

Recovery & Aftercare:

There may be some redness, swelling, bruising and flaking of the skin. You will need to wear sunblock daily and avoid intense sun exposure for 6 weeks after each Peel treatment. You will be given aftercare serum to use to promote skin recovery after treatment.

Duration of Results:

You will see optimal results 6 weeks after completing the treatment programme and these are likely to last 12 months or more. However, please bear in mind that adherence to the programme, age, general health, and medication may change the effectiveness of the treatment and duration of results.

Risks & Complications:

The treatment programme is very safe. Potential risks include allergy, sensitivity, sore skin described as sensation of sunburn, skin pigmentation problems which are usually temporary


We cannot safely proceed with this treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic to constituents of treatment. In case of specific health problems, please book a consultation with the doctor.



<small>*We require a small deposit of £50 to book your appointment. The balance can be paid at the appointment. If you fail to attend your appointment without giving a minimum of 24 hour’s notice, you will forfeit the deposit fee. &nsbp;<br>See <a href=”/terms-conditions/”>Terms and Conditions</a> for full details.</small>




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