Filler – Nose Refining Treatment

£500 60 minutes

Structural dermal fillers can be used to refine the shape of the nose, to straighten out humps, narrow the bridge or ‘lift’ the tip of the nose.

*We require a small deposit of £50 to book your appointment. The £50 will be used towards the cost of your treatment. It is not refundable if you do not attend your appointment, come late for your appointment or fail to give us 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 



Treatment Overview:

Your doctor will spend some time with you to understand what shape, volume and result you would like from your treatment. We use the highest quality hyaluronic acid fillers to ensure you achieve a natural and long-lasting result. 


We use numbing injections and a cannula to deposit the hyaluronic acid along the bridge of the nose. Sometimes the doctor will also massage the filler down the sides of the nose to achieve a smooth contour along the nose.

Products used:

We use Juvederm Voluma or Teosyal Ultimate for enhancement of the nose.

Pain Relief:

We use numbing injections to reduce skin sensitivity.

Recovery & Aftercare:

The nose may be swollen, red and possibly bruised following treatment. It may take up to 2 weeks for the swelling to fully resolve. The nose is also a very sensitive area to treat, so you may experience some tenderness and pain following treatment. You may wish to use arnica, pain killers such as paracetamol, ice packs and antihistamines to relieve any side-effects following treatment.

Duration of Results:

On average, results last for 9-12 months.

Risks & Complications:

Hyaluronic acid fillers are very safe. Potential risks include swelling, bruising, pain, infection, allergy and scarring. The nose has many blood vessels running along the bridge of the nose. A potential complication is the disruption of blood flow in these vessels. This may lead to serious complications affecting the nose itself, skin and even other structures such as the eyes and vision. Your doctor will discuss this with you as it is important you are fully aware of these risks prior to proceeding with treatment.


We cannot safely proceed with this treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic to constituents of treatment. In case of specific health problems, please book a consultation with the doctor.


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