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The last few years have seen some major changes in the field of Aesthetics. We’ve gone from staving off the process of ageing to changing and enhancing our features. Our inherited facial features are now considered optional… and we have every option to change them! – from nose jobs to lip enhancements and even radical facial reconstructions.

We are now a society of *enhancers*. From lash extensions, nail extensions and brow tattoos to hair extensions and fake-bake tans. This trend has now entered the non-surgical filed of aesthetics. Is this good?

In our clinic on Harley Street we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of clients asking for enhancement procedures such as lip enhancements and cheek fillers. We’ve also seen a change in the average age of our client demographic. We now have many more ladies in their 20s and 30s whereas previously we tended to see men and women in their 40s and 50s.

A major stimulus for this trend is social media. Many of our clients are referencing selfies and social media celebrities as a contributing factor to their decision to go ahead with enhancement treatment. The *glam* selfie shots are aspirational for many people.

My take on it is pragmatic. I support the feeling of self-empowerment that my clients are expressing. If you don’t like something, change it… within reason. In my consultations I try to ensure that I understand the person: what they like & don’t like, how they feel about their face and body.

I feel it’s important to understand the motivation behind changes that people want to make to their face. Are they happy, healthy and just want a slight adjustment? Or do they have low self-esteem and hope that my treatment will solve this for them? If it is the latter, then we explore the psychological profile and try to address internal/psychological problems first before addressing external concerns.

Furthermore, I am adamant that the procedures we do cause no long-term damage. We must be mindful that enhancement procedures are not life-saving. The treatments we do are not a *necessity* but rather a desire for change and improvement. I therefore believe that there should be minimal long-term consequences from the work that we do. This is why we use only the highest quality natural products.

I often get asked ‘Have you ever said ‘No’ to a client?’. I must clarify that I feel perfectly within my professional duty to tell clients that I will not do procedures that I think will harm them. I have turned away clients for fat-reduction when they are underweight, I have turned away clients for lip enhancement when they’ve had excessive amounts of filler already, I have turned away underaged clients or people that I have felt did not fully understand the risks/consequences of the procedure.

It’s very important to maintain professional integrity because ultimately the decision to treat is the doctor’s. The doctor must believe that the treatment will benefit the client and not harm them. It is part of our professional code of conduct and something that I will always maintain as my promise to clients: I will not do something that I know will harm you.


Dr. Tatiana

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