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Congested or Oily Skin

Our skin has many sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an oily substance that lubricates and water-proofs the skin. The over-production of sebum leads to inflammation, narrowing or closure of sebum channels, inadequate shedding of dead skin cells and proliferation of bacteria. These changes cause the skin to become oily, inflamed, congested with black-head and/or white-head development and will eventually cause acne. Sebaceous glands in the skin are very sensitive to androgenic hormones. At the onset of puberty, androgens cause a significant increase in the production of sebum, with resultant skin changes associated with the over-production of sebum. Treatment of congested or oily skin focuses on the reduction of sebum and improvement of skin shedding (desquamation).

Congested or Oily Skin

Treatment Options

One of the major factors in the development of oily, congested skin are androgen hormones. The face has many sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil). Sebum water-proofs the skin and lubricates the hair follicle. However, excess sebum causes inflammation, congestion and enlargement of pores within the skin. Some medical conditions are associated with higher levels of androgen hormones and therefore over-production of sebum. To assess if your skin concerns could be caused by an underlying hormonal or medical problem, your clinician may offer you a blood test.

A constructive and effective daily skincare programme is important in addressing the causes of oiliness and congestion. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic and retinol are helpful in reducing sebum production, improving skin exfoliation and reducing skin inflammation. Following a thorough consultation, your practitioner will recommend a tailored topical skin programme.

We have a range of medical facials that actively target skin concerns such as acne, redness, pigmentation and rough skin texture. Facials may include a combination of exfoliation, extraction, microneedling, mesotherapy, peels, laser, masks and LED. Our medical facials provide long-term improvement in skin texture, tone and signs of ageing.

Fruit and other natural acids can be used to address pigmentation, improve skin texture, and promote regeneration. Peels range from mild and refreshing to more intense and resurfacing. We offer a full range of Dr Tatiana’s own blend of chemical peels. Dr Tatiana has combined natural acids with anti-inflammatory ingredients to achieve optimal results, with minimal down-time.

This facial treatment is a combination of 3 of our most effective therapies used to treat large pores. First, the skin is micro-needled, stimulating skin repair and creating channels into the deeper layers of the skin. Second, a bespoke acid solution is applied to the skin, penetrating deep into the skin to clear our debris, shrink sebaceous glands and exfoliate the skin. Third, the T-zone is treated with a CO2 laser, resurfacing and shrinking large pores. We then finish with a hydrating mask and LED therapy to calm the skin.

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