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Warts are skin growths that are often raised, rough-textured and skin-coloured. They most commonly occur on the hands and feet and are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), a common viral infection. The virus infects the skin and causes the skin to produce excess keratin, resulting in a raised, rough wart.


Treatment Options

Laser energy can be used to permanently remove warts. The laser works by destroying the blood supply to the wart. This starves the wart of nutrients and so it reduces in size and falls off after a few weeks.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser can be used to permanently remove a number of skin lesions including: skin tags, warts, verrucae and dermatosis papulose nigra. The laser burns away the base of the lesion, leaving a brown scab that falls off after a week. Research suggests that CO2 laser is safe and has numerous advantages over other methods of wart treatment.

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