The Low Down on Skin Care

Are you confused by all these brands offering ‘radiance’, ‘glow’, ‘smooth skin’, ‘reduction in pores’ etc… ?
Does it feel like everything you try is the same?
Are you fed up because nothing seems to work?

Then read this:

Skincare is simple as long as you follow these 4 steps.


Daily Cleanse: Remove the daily debris that accumulates on your skin by using a good cleanser. When I say ‘good’ cleanser – I mean one that removes grime & make-up without drying out the skin. When you’ve washed your face with it – it should not feel like your skin is tight, dry and rough.

We love: ZO Offects Hydrating Cleanser (£50 for 3 months) and iS Clinical Cleansing Complex (£50 for 3 months).

Deep Cleanse (every 1-3 months): treat your skin to a regular cleansing facial or chemical peel.

Try our Fire & Ice Red Carpet facial (voted celebrity facial of the year & featured in numerous magazines): £180 per treatment.

For a deeper cleanse, try our Neostrata Peel System which brightens, tightens and reduces pores: £180 per peel.


Treatments can be targeted at specific skin problems.

For example, if you have:

Acne: retinol, benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic preparations are often used.
Pores: retinol, hydroxy acids, glycolic & TCA peels etc are often used.
Wrinkles: retinol, hydroxy acids and many other skincare ingredients are used to stimulate skin regeneration & production of collagen.
Pigmentation: hydroxyquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, mandelic acid are frequently used to treat skin pigmentation.

For a daily treatment that is easy to use, try: ZO Daily Power Defense: £50 for 3 months

For a thorough assessment of your skin and advice/ personalized treatment program for your skin, please contact Dr. Tatiana.


Many of the treatments that we use on the skin can feel quite drying. Moisture is important to the skin barrier function. I often apply a moisturizer on top of my skin treatment at night- and this means I wake up with soft hydrated skin.

We love: ZO Ommerse Overnight Recovery Cream (£60 for 3 months) & Neostrata Bio-hydrating cream (£50 for 3 months)


No skincare regime is complete without SPF. The damage caused by UVA & UVB is irrefutable. I always advise clients to use a factor 50 SPF – particularly if they are using retinol, having peel treatments or travelling abroad.

Take a look at the images below.

These are twins: one twin worked as a gardener outdoors, never using SPF and the other twin worked as a chef indoors, protected from the sun. Look at the difference in their skin quality, pigmentation problems, wrinkles and risk of skin cancer.

To protect your skin from the sun – We love: Heliocare Factor 50 gel: £30 for 3 months. It is non-greasy and can easily be used underneath make-up.

I hope you’ve found this useful 🙂

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